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Winter Sun Holidays

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The big difference between a winter sun holiday and a summer holiday is the skin preparation. To ensure your skin looks its best for your days around the pool, you first need to improve the dry and dull winter look and feel of your skin.

Throughout these cold months, the daily flow from the colder outside air into the heated indoors strips your skin of moisturiser. It is imperative that during winter you take extra care of your skin to help bring back that natural glow to your skin.

The most important task is to hydrate your skin and help it retain moisture throughout the day by using a quality moisturiser. Avoid the low quality moisturisers full of silicon that gives you an artificial feeling of hydration by coating your skin. We recommend Natural Tone Rose Hip Aloe that includes natural coconut oil to hydrate the deep layers of your skin and oils such as Safflower oil, Olive fruit oil and Grape Seed that have natural benefits for skin's hydration.

Once you are on holiday, it is important to use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun screen. Although the amount of UVB, spectrum of sunlight that burns our skin, is less during the winter, the amount of exposure to UVA, responsible for sunlight-induced skin ageing, remains the same.

Depending on your winter sun destination, you may not need as high as a SPF 30, but it is always wise to err on the side of caution and take with you a range of different SPFs to ensure you have the correct sun screen even for those cloudy days.

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