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Which SPF do you need for skiing?

Suncare Central Blog Image: Which SPF do you need for skiing?

It may be freezing temperatures outside, but don’t be fooled…... you still need sun screen!

It might be cold on the mountainous slopes but the sun is far stronger above the cloud level than at sea level. Due to the sun reflecting off the white snow, coupled with the number of hours skiers spend on the slopes, the need for good sun protection is imperative.

Use a high factor such as SPF 30 at all times and re-apply it every 30 to 40 minutes. Before you even hit the slopes ensure that you and your family and prepared for instant exposure to the harmful rays. The thinner atmosphere filters less UV radiation, so exposure is far higher than you would experience on a beach holiday.

The wind and the sun can play havoc with skiers skin and lips. Use a good lip balm with an SPF that offers protection from the sun and with healing properties to counter the possibility of chapped and wind burnt lips.

Show your skin some love from the harsh mountainous elements. Remember, after a hard day on the slopes to reward your skin with a good moisturiser. The Rosehip Aloe lotion combines the healing properties of the Aloe Cactus and Rosehip that will help to soothe your skin. The rich blend of pure Aloe and Rosehip Oil will also help to condition and hydrate your skin ready for the next day back on the slopes!

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