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Suncare Facts - Water & The Sun's Rays

Suncare Central Blog Image: Suncare Facts - Water & The Sun's Rays

  • We often cool down in or near water - at water-parks, swimming in sea or pools, on boats or enjoying water-sports.
  • Water can make skin feel cooler, often hiding the effects of the sun until later so it’s important to use a water-resistant sun lotion.
  • Refraction from the water intensifies the UV rays.
  • At half a metre depth UV is still 40% as intense as at the surface.
  • Use a higher factor than normal - Natural Tone Organic Skincare’s SPF30 is perfect, offering maximum protection and, being naturally biodegradable, is reef-friendly.
  • Re-apply your SPF30 after you exit the water. Remember some products may be water-resistant but they will come off when drying yourself with a towel.
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