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Proud to be reef friendly

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Hawaii law makers have passed a bill to ban sunscreens that harm the coral reefs!

The world has praised Hawaii for taking this monumental step to stop the sale of sunscreens containing the chemicals, which scientists say contribute to the killing and bleaching of coral. The bleaching leaches the coral of nutrients that sustain marine life, disrupting the development of fish and wildlife.

Hawaii's waters see over 8,000,000 tourists a year, and scientists found that an estimated 12,000 tonnes of sunscreen end up washing onto the coral reefs.

Over 3,500 sunscreen products will be affected by the planned ban. Natural Tone Suncare Organic Collection products are made by blending Natural and Organic ingredients that are toxic free, biodegradable and reef friendly. Mineral sunscreens not only provide broad-spectrum protection and are safer for our bodies than chemical sunscreen ingredients but they will also protect the environment as well.

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