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This saved my holiday!

11 years ago I was in Tenerife with the worst prickly heat I have ever experienced, the hotel we was staying in had an event, lady came on a microphone talking about their sun creams etc. I jumped up ran to her for help, she rubbed the aloe recovery gel on and wow relief.
Ever since then I have used nothing but suncare central creams and oils. This saved my holiday. March this year in the very same hotel I met the suncare rep and made my purchases (saved on the postage).
Would not go on holiday without any of their products.

Michelle Plumtree recommends Suncare Central

March 19, 2019

Outstanding service as always

Hotter than I expected in the canaries this week, messaged for some higher factor suncream and more aftersun and it was here in the hotel within 45 minutes! Outstanding service as always, massive thank u to the rep. X
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Nicola Hammer recommends Suncare Central

March 11, 2019

No more prickly heat or patchy bits

Been using Suncare Central for over 7 years and all my family and friends have moved to it. Leaves me with the best tan ever. No more prickly heat or patchy bits. And it smells amazing. The moisturiser is also amazing. The bottles look small but you hardly need anything. Not like your typical lotion that you have to pile on. I bought 4 bottles for a 2 week holiday in Florida for a family of 4 and came home with some. Would never change. And they will come to you!! I messaged them to say where I was staying and they came to my hotel with my order at no extra cost.

Nicky McGhie recommends Suncare Central

November 9, 2018

I will never use anything else now

My order has arrived today. It has only taken 3 working days to arrive with express delivery. The customer service I have received was excellent as I wanted to change my order and my e-mails were responded to straight away. As for the product itself I used this last year in Lanzarote after seeing the suncare rep there. I had really bad heat rash which I suffer with every time I go abroad no matter what product I use. She recommended these products and it cleared up within 2 days and never returned while I was away. I will never use anything else now. It is expensive compared to the standard sun creams however the benefits far out way the cost.

Leanne Brown recommends Suncare Central

September 25, 2018

I'm a real novice tanner and particularly white

Good day. I've just returned from a week in Lanzarote where we met the lovely Sayeh. We loved the products and bought the SPF 15 lotion as well as the Hydrator lotion. I'm a real novice tanner and particularly white. The sun lotion worked really well but I didn't put it right up to the hairline and got a nasty burn. If it wasn't for the Hydrator lotion it would have blistered and got nasty. It peeled a little but more Hydrator lotion prevented me peeling my friend and I were amazed. We both bought an extra Hydrator lotion each. Have a great season guys, especially you Sayeh en route to Cyprus. Sayeh is a real asset to your company. Very friendly, personable and a great presentator and front person for your products.

Robert Critchley reviewed Suncare Central – 5 Stars

May, 2018

Sensitive skin

Since having children my skin has been super sensitive. On our first family holiday to Tenerife I came out badly in prickly heat, I sat and listened to the suncare advisor for two days until I plucked up the courage to go and ask what it was all about. I decided to give it a go, I was sceptical but paid for the aloe after sun and a sun cream thinking it was never going to work. How wrong could I have been!!! Within two days my skin was healed and I went home with the best tan I had ever had!!! Since that year I would never go into the sun without wearing this amazing product. I use the whole range from body wash through to moisturises. The tanning oils are amazing and definitely a must have product. I’ve now used for the last four holidays and will use every year. The reps on resort are fantastic and if I see people suffering I actually tell them about the suncare range. I have converted most of my friends and family to the suncare range too! Highly recommended

Nicola Pockett reviewed Suncare Central - 5 Stars

February 11, 2018

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