About Us

For over twenty five years Suncare Central has provided its services to many Major British Tour Operators, Hotels and Resorts in Spain, the US and more recently in Cyprus and Portugal. During this time Suncare Central has proven itself time and time again by offering a very reliable and professional service.

We have Suncare Advisors available to teach you the best methods to avoid sunburn and other sun related conditions. It has been documented that approximately 70% of all health problems for tourists are sun related. Over the past twenty five years we have made this statement obsolete with the unique personalised service that we provide.

Suncare Central brings to you the world's best 100% Natural & Organic Skincare, Sun Protection and Tanning Products! These exquisite formulations are the richest, most effective and exotic blends of the finest natural ingredients available anywhere! Not only will our exclusive formulas keep you from burning, they will hydrate your skin and Natural Tone's world famous Rosehip Aloe will become your favourite everyday hydrating moisturiser.

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